Risk Analyzes in Pursuit of  a Modeled EEO Employer: 
  • ensure company policies  regarding Anti- Harassment &   Anti-Retaliatory Treatment  are  in compliance with  EEOC  regs and realistic as to the consequences for violators;
  • ensure both employees and supervisors are fully aware of   company's policy regarding "Anti-Harassment and Anti-Retaliation"  including procedures for notification together with consequences for non-compliance. 
  • structure a procedure for providing  periodic training to all employees and managers regarding their respective mandate per  Company's policies to ensure full compliance and consequences for non-compliance.
  • promote a trustful work environment whereby employees feel welcome to identify inappropriate behavior   in pursuit of a respectful work environment.
  • train managers to look at EEO grievances as an Opportunity to 'Deter, Stop, and Correct Inappropriate Work  Behavior'.  
Please call on us for any question regarding  the development and/or implementation regarding these type of policies in pursuit of a Modeled  13-503-2857, Javier Chacon.
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